Traveling with Minors to Mexico

Traveling with minors to Mexico can be a very complicated matter, but as long as you prepare yourself now you can avoid a lot of frustration later.

Always double check with the U.S. Department of State for more information as this information is subject to change without notice.

And remember, Be Prepared! Nobody wants to miss their flight because they forgot something such as the all important passport and birth certificate.

As long as you are fully aware of everything you will need there is no reason why you shouldn't enjoy every aspect of your trip. If you are traveling with a minor to Mexico (under 18 years) you should be aware of the following:

Entrance Without Parents or Legal Guardians

If your child is entering without parents or legal guardians the minor must present (along with his/her own passport) an original notarized letter of permission, signed by both parents or legal guardians.

This still applies even if the minor is accompanied by only one parent. Yes, they are very strict about this so be ready. It is also recommended that a birth certificate also be present to show proof of parentage.

The other absent parent must still give a notarized letter stating permission for the child to leave the country.

The notarized letter must contain the name of the parent(s), name of the child, along with anyone traveling with the child (grandparents, relatives, etc.) and the notarized signature of absent parent(s). It is recommended that the permission include travel dates, destinations, airlines and brief summary of reason for traveling (ex. Why the child is traveling without his/her parents).

In cases of divorce or death of one parent(s), other documents must also be presented such as proof of death (death certificate) and/or proof of sole custody (original custody decree). Please also visit the U.S. Department of State for more information. (opens new window)

Information on this page is subject to change without notice.

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