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The shopping town of Tonalá, Jalisco is probably one of the best places in the Guadalajara area to find beautiful handmade crafts such as silver, blown glass, ceramics, fine pottery, paper mache and not to mention some very delicious homemade treats. 

Vendor mixing candies

There are not any fancy restaurants that I know of in Tonalá, so if you're looking for something more touristy (ie:hotels, fancy restaurants, nice boutiques) then Tlaquepaque is the place to go.

Tonalá is more of a big outdoor shopping market and such a wonderful one at that. And if you're hungry, there are always plenty of snacks for sale.

Wrapping candies in Tonala, Jalisco

While walking around, we stumbled upon these friendly candy vendors preparing their delicious products.

Delicious Candies for sale

Just look at those beautiful candy apples. Homemade from Tonalá, Jalisco! They actually made a few right in front of us. While your munching on your snacks you can browse around the many stalls packed with beautiful pieces of art.

The high quality of each handmade product is clearly evident and the number one reason many people flock back for more. The prices are also unbeatable.

Pottery for sale

Shoppers beware.. when you go to Tonalá be prepared to shop until you can't shop anymore.

Wall art for sale in Tonala

If you are like me and love to get great deals on quality, handmade, one of a kind products then Tonalá, Jalisco awaits you. It's one of the best shopping markets in Jalisco, so do check it out.

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