Tonalá, Mexico

Mexican blown glass as far as your eyes can see..

If you're searching for Mexican blown glass then one of the best places to buy your goods are Tonalá, Mexico which is within minutes of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Be sure to also visit Tonalá during the tianguis or the "open air market" days.

Blown Glass from Tonala

One thing that Gdl has is many places to shop and then'd really need a car to pack all the goodies you'll find..

Even if you arrive by plane there are so many little treasures you can buy here and there.. so be on the look out.

Be sure to have plenty of cash.. aka (pesos) because this is mostly what is used, very rarely credit cards.

You'll also be able to use your bargaining skills..if you'd like. Antonio claims they price things a little higher to give them some wiggle room to drop the price down which I believe to be true because they usually always oblige.

On our way out of Guadalajara we stopped by this artsy hub. Let's take a walk through a blown glass shop!

You'll love Tonalá, Mexico because it's packed full of many vendors and artisans selling anything and everything to decorate your home with authentic Mexican decor.. and lots of other stuff from other parts of the world..

Blown Glass from Tonala
Blown Glass from Tonala

This shop was full of blown glass in every shape, color and size imaginable.. As you can see the artisans from Tonala are definitely masters of their craft and when you walk into the shops you may notice they have back rooms where they actually make everything you see in the stores!

Since many of the shop owners make their goods "in house" they are more than likely to sell you their pieces at great prices.

Blown Glass from Tonala

They also ship out many of their products to the nearby town of Tlaquepaque where many retailers are based. In shops like these, you'll find tons of lovely bowls, glasses, pitchers and beautiful wall art as well as many garden adornments.

These pieces are absolutely gorgeous and of a very fine quality that you won't find anywhere else.

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Blown Glass from Tonala

If you're visiting it's best to take a taxi or your own car so you'll have enough room to bring all your merchandise back.

Be sure to stop by when you visit Guadalajara to stock up on your blown glass home decor! 

If you'd like to buy some gorgeous blown glass then the specialty shop of Crista Mex (Cristales Mexicanos) can be found at:

Santos Degollado #234
Zon Centro C.P. 45400
Tonala, Jalisco, Mexico

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