Tonalá Hotel

I stayed in Tonalá for 3 days at a very nice hotel called Hotel Hacienda Del Sol. It's a very comfortable hotel and very inexpensive, it was only $320.00 pesos for 2 people (at the time of this submission). 

They have a web page here with current prices: We made a lot of purchases and the hotel also has a large patio where you can put all your stuff (very helpful) all the vendors bring your merchandise to the hotel so you don't have to carry it with you! 

Ashley Preston

Note from Jeannie: Thanks for the tip about this hotel Ashley! We've visited Tonalá a few times and I was curious about their accommodations. We'll definitely need to try this one out.

Read more about shopping in Tonala.

If you want some fantastic home decor like blown glass, hammered tin, wall adornments, dishes, furniture, weaved baskets and more then this is the place to get some good deals. The craftsmanship is wonderful! 

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