One of Mexico's Favorite
Tequila Drink Mixes

One of my very favorite Tequila drink mixes is called a Paloma (Dove). This traditional Mexican drink is very delicious and a favorite in Guadalajara and pretty much all of Mexico.

Mexican Tequila drink-Paloma (dove)

It's a cool spin on the Margarita but without having to buy the expensive mix.

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On my very first trip to Guadalajara, one of the first things we did was go grocery shopping to buy some stuff to munch on.

Once there, I noticed a huge front end display full of the carbonated drink Squirt and I sort of thought it was odd. I mean, I had tried Squirt in the past and thought it was okay but was confused as to all the posters and Squirt advertisements covering the store and I mean they were all over the place.

I first thought it was sort of over the top, but oh well I was in Mexico right? It was not until later that I realized that the drink Squirt is one the main ingredients in making this very tasty and popular Tequila drink that many Tapatios love.

And of course Jalisco is the capital of Tequila so there you go! Needless to say Mexicans love their Tequila so I'm sure Squirts are just flying off the shelves.

Okay, back to the drink. The Paloma is very easy to make and is really delicious! Give it a try at your next party, if you love citrus then I guarantee it will be one of your new favorite tequila drink mixes.

It tastes sort of like a Margarita but way better and carbonated!

How to Make the Famous Tequila and Squirt Drink

To make a Paloma you'll need: Tequila- it doesn't have to be the best, Mexican limes, Squirt or grapefruit soda and some salt and ice.

Good to Know:

Remember that the best tequilas are usually sipped like a fine wine and not added to mixed drinks.

When I first asked Antonio for the Paloma ingredients I really laughed when he said "Mexican limes." I questioned him, "Why Mexican limes?" and he said, "Regular limes are not as juicy as Mexican limes and you need to use the whole lime. With the Mexican limes you only need half."

He also said the difference between a regular lime and a Mexican lime is in the skin. You can tell you have a Mexican lime because the skin is extremely thin, almost like paper. The "other" limes have a thicker skin.

Hmmmm, very interesting.. Of course, he's Mexican so everything Mexican is always better.

The best part of this drink that I love is that you don't need anything fancy.

At the restaurants they'll usually serve the Paloma in a mug called a Jarrito. The jarrito is a mug made out of clay like the one above, however it is not so wide and a bit taller.

Making the Tequila drink:

  • Start off with some salt on the glass rim
  • Fill the glass with ice
  • Squeeze 1/2 of a Mexican lime or 1 regular lime into the glass with a pinch of salt
  • Add 1 shot of Tequila or to your taste
  • Fill the glass up with squirt or grapefruit soda
  • Stir a little & voila!

IF you want to make it virgin just leave out the Tequila, this one is called a Rusa which means Russian in English.

This is one of the easiest tequila drink mixes and so good! Add it to your list for your next party. Can you hear the Mariachi music playing in the background yet? I know I can!

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