The Beautiful Sierra Madre Occidental
(La Barranca)

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Welcome to Parque Mirador de la Barranca Huentitán with beautiful views of the Sierra Madre.

La Barranca de Huentitan-Sierra Madre Occidental

Whenever you're in Guadalajara, Mexico you have to check out the views.

Parque Mirador-Guadalajara attraction

Here is where you will find a fantastic vista(view) of Sierra Madre Occidental or La Barranca (steep-sided canyon) de Huentitán which it is known by locally. Take a look and I think you'll agree that the scenery is spectacular.

Parque Mirador

The park is well cared for and has some pretty gardens. Benches are scattered around to sit and enjoy different views of the park.

Guadalajara outdoor attraction

You can even birdwatch. We happened to be sitting next to a puddle of water and this little green bird popped right up for a drink. Can you see him sitting on the tree stump? He kind of blends in with the grass but he's there.

One thing that I really loved about this park were the beautiful trees. There was one in particular called the Jacaranda tree.

We came during the perfect time (Spring/Summer, April to be exact) because they were in bloom.

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Jacaranda tree in Guadalajara, Mexico -attractions

They have beautiful trumpeted violet purple flowers and they make quite an impression if you've never seen them before. This was the first time for me, so yes, I was quite impressed!

Sierra Madre Occidental-Guadalajara attraction

So here are some shots of the exquisite terrain. The deep barranca or canyon that you will see was formed by the Rio Santiago.

I've always thought that the scenery would make an excellent backdrop for a beautiful Mexican wedding!

The river originates from Lake Chapala and forms the longest river system in Mexico along with the River Lerma.

The Rio Santiago flows 547 km (340 miles) Northwest to the Pacific Ocean! Just so you know, the Pacific is about 3 1/2 to 4 hours away by car from Guadalajara.

Parque Mirador-Guadalajara Sightseeing Spot
La Barranca de Huentitan during rainy season in Guadalajara Mexico

Get in touch with nature and view this beautiful natural wonder!

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