Romantic Gdl

by Jose

A few years ago, I was back in Guadalajara, my hometown. I was dating an absolutely lovely girlfriend in USA, but I had planned to go back to Guadalajara.

One day, I had one of the most exciting days of my life when I met her again at the international airport of Guadalajara. Our hearts were fast and happy when we hold each others.

While she was in Guadalajara, I took her to downtown in Guadalajara in the middle of the nice fresh evening of the city. We visit some of the bar areas by the centro magno where she liked it a lot. At Casa Mariachi, we had some drinks while the mariachi was playing. There were some songs that touched her heart deeply. I took her hand and with my brown eyes told her that "she is the love of my life".

The cool weather was inviting us to hold each other in the middle of the plaza like two teens in love.

There are so many places that I wish I could take her but we run out of time at the moment. However, I do believe that will be a another chance in this or other life.

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