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There are many pictures of Guadalajara throughout this website and also on these gallery pages, as well as lots of helpful information on traveling and vacationing in Guadalajara, Mexico! 

I know you might enjoy browsing through photos so I wanted to dedicate some space for those special pictures of Guadalajara that you might have otherwise missed.

Don't forget to visit my newest addition, the Mexico vacations in Guadalajara walking tour! If you only spend one day Guadalajara it's a must do.

Feel free to click on the links provided to get more detailed information about them. Each of these photos are arranged by location and/or theme. I hope you enjoy them. 

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Plaza Tapatia photos

Lake Chapala Photos 1

Lake Chapala Photos 2

Walking around Tonalá

Panteon Guadalajara
(Guadalajara Cemetery)

Cemetery Photos

Tour guide of Panteon de Belen-just kidding

This photo was taken inside the famous and very old Panteon de Belen cemetery in Guadalajara. The old graveyard now serves as a museum open to the public for a few pesos. They also offer guided tours of the beautiful grounds. The cemetery is said to be haunted and during the tours the guide will recant many interesting and eery legends. 

Here you will find more Panteon de Belen photos. 

Mezquitan Cemetery (Panteon Mezquitan) in Guadalajara, Mexico

Here is a picture of a mural outside the Mezquitan cemetery in Guadalajara, Mexico. The scenes are lovely and appropriately very somber.

Mezquitan Cemetery Entrance in Guadalajara, Mexico

Here is the entrance to the Panteon Mezquitan cemetery.

Mezquitan Cemetery in Guadalajara, Mexico

Here is a mausoleum inside Panteon Mezquitan.

Every year on November 2, it is customary for families of the deceased to go to the graves and spruce them up. It is a large and rather popular celebration. Read more about Mexico's Day of the Dead traditions.

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