My first trip to Guadalajara

by Josh Dorantes

Hello everyone, well just wanted to share my story of my first trip to Guadalajara. When I found out that I was going to go there I was super excited because it's somewhere new.

I did a lot of research before anything though, I found out the best sites to see, prices, what there signiture food is and much more (I used this website to help me out as well).

Anyways, when we got to Guadalajara I was amazed and couldn't believe that I was there and of course I took so many pictures and wanted to see everything right away, but first we had to eat, so of course we found a place where they had Tortas Ahogadas which is Guadalajara's signiture food; consists of a torta (birote bread) hard on the outside kind of crunchy and soft inside with chopped fried pork and it is covered all with the sauce.

It was really good especially trying it for the first time inside the Mercado Libertad located on Avenida Javier Mina at Calle Independencia. At the Mercado Libertad or as some locals call it "Mercado San Juan de Dios" there are many vendors selling a variety of good from food, clothes, souveniers and lots more; it is all within three floors. Well on to some more sites.

We later visited the Centro Historico which is just a little walks away from Mercado Libertad, there you will find main sites like: Hospicio Cabanas, Plaza Tapatia, Teatro Degollado, Catedral de Guadalajara, Palacio de Gobierno, Rotonda de los Jaliscienses Ilustres and much more. Also there are many statues of famous people that helped Guadalajara grow into the city it is now.

If you have a chance to visit Guadalajara, I say you go because it is an amazing place to visit with good history everywhere. I definately want to go again someday.

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