Moving to Mexico

A Crazy Dream?

Have you been thinking about moving to Mexico?

Do you dream of firing your boss, quitting your 9-5 job and working for yourself abroad?

La Barranca in Guadalajara

Or better yet.. retire if you're able to?! You want to live the dream and you deserve it too!

Imagine yourself relaxing somewhere in Mexico sipping a piña colada on the beach.. or in the city! Moving to Mexico sounds pretty good doesn't it? 

What Is It Really Like?

It's one thing for you to just visit for a week or two and a completely different thing to pack up all your earthly belongings and move there.

Over the years it has definitely crossed my mind to make the big move.. to be closer to the beautiful city of Guadalajara, hence my devotion to this website!

Hopefully this article will help you begin to think about what a move like this requires.

These are just a few thoughts and if you'd like to comment or add your experience please let me know by using my contact form.

Of course.. before moving to Mexico, you'll need some help from someone who has "been there and done that!"

Read my review on an e-book by a man who happily made the transition and lived to tell about it.: -)

How to Move to Mexico

It sounds so glamorous doesn't it?

Packing up your earthly belongings and exploring the beautiful country of Mexico. You might even be picturing what your life would be like.

Well.. glamorous or not, there are many things you need to consider before making such a huge commitment.

How Will You Support Yourself?

If you are not retired yet and still plan on working then remember, that you need special permission to work there, unless you are a Mexican citizen.

As of yet, you cannot live in Mexico as a tourist and seek employment just like that, well I suppose you could but you risk getting deported which is NOT what you want. Working in Mexico has to be arranged and permission approved by the Mexican Government. You can start the process through your local Mexican Consulate.

As you might have guessed, this "special permission" is needed because they don't want a bunch of foreigners coming in and taking much needed jobs from Mexican citizens.

Before moving to Mexico you need to have some outside means of supporting yourself or proof that you won't be relying on the state for assistance. Find out the entry requirements and documents needed.

What special skills do you have that the locals don't?

If you are seeking employment then you will need to be sponsored by a company there.

They basically have to prove that they have a good reason to hire you over a citizen. This is probably why teaching English abroad is so popular.

It's a special skill that very few of the locals will have (and be able to do very well).

Contact your local Mexican embassy or consulate for more information on what you'll need to acquire permission to work in Mexico.

Moving to Mexico -Where Will You Live?

Pink door in Guadalajara, Mexico

Have you done proper research on where you will live? When considering such a life changing move it's best to visit several times before even thinking about moving there.

You should also stay for an extended period of time (and I don't mean for just 1 or 2 wks). If you seriously want to move then stay for a few months to really get the feel of what it would be like to live there.

Then it won't be such a big shock when you actually make the move. When you arrive for the first few days, stay in a hotel and ask if they could recommend a good area to stay for a longer period.

Locals might even know of apartments or rental houses available or refer you to someone. You can also scope out the local paper for some very fair deals.

When looking on Craigslist for homes for rent be aware that the prices might be a bit higher than they normally would be.

This is probably because they are catering specifically to foreigners taking vacations and believe they can raise the price. Rest assured that you can find a good deal, but it would be better if you were there in person to inspect it to see if it's up to your standards.

If you're staying for a week or maybe a month at first to check the city out then find some Guadalajara Apartments and Rentals.

Cabañas Cultural Institute in Guadalajara, Mexico

Live in Mexico- Should You Learn Spanish?

So, how is your Spanish? It isn't a requirement to learn Spanish, because there are also English speaking communities (especially in the Guadalajara area).

However, I think it's best to have some basic conversational skills down to help you find your way around the city, such as the all important "Donde estan los banos?"

Where are the bathrooms? :- )

But seriously, if you do have the opportunity of moving to Mexico then take advantage and immerse yourself in the wonderful culture and language! It's a time to grow and challenge yourself.

After living there for a few months you will most probably become bilingual anyway. After all, if you ever decide to move back home, the best souvenir to bring back would be a new language!

Check out my review of a great e-book that tackles a lot of issues with moving to Mexico.

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