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Rotunda of Illustrious Men and Women-Rotonda de los Los Jaliscienses Ilustres

So why visit Mexico? Guadalajara vacations will help you rejuvenate your spirit and experience the crazy, fun and culturally rich experience of the second largest city in Mexico! 

Reasons to visit: 

  • Learn Spanish
  • Expose yourself to the wonderful Mexican culture
  • Consider future retirement options (maybe?)
  • Just have fun and enjoy something new

Now more than ever, with stress and financial woes bearing down on many, a short vacation might be a much needed escape from the daily grind

Mexico has always been a smart choice because of the high dollar to peso ratio. Your dollar, euro or pound will go much further in Mexico. Guadalajara is such a great, friendly city. 

Just don't forget to exchange your pesos or you may end up paying too much. 

If you'd like a change of pace then the city of Guadalajara might be a great getaway for you. 

Learn Spanish on Guadalajara Vacations

Since Gdl is a big city and not as touristy as places such as Puerto Vallarta or Cancun, conversational Spanish is highly recommended. 

But even if you don't speak Spanish very well (Relax), all you really need to do is learn some key phrases to help you get around. You'll be quite surprised to realize that with just a little bit of effort and a smile will get you a very long way.

And even if you mess up.. who cares! You're on vacation and the best way to learn a new language is to allow yourself to make mistakes. 

If you are trying to learn the Spanish language then Guadalajara is a great place for an immersion course. Whether you are trying to learn conversational Spanish or Spanish for Professionals to help you with career advancement, the city has quite a few good schools that I've seen in passing. 

Do your research and find one that will work with you and your needs! Your vacation could turn into an excellent educational experience as well as a fantastic getaway. 

What to Do on Your Mexico- Guadalajara Vacations- A Wonderful Cultural Experience

Bright colored buildings in Mexico

Tapatios (what Guadalajara residents like to call themselves) are very friendly and very proud of their beautiful and bustling city. 

And there is A LOT of this city to see. So much that you would really need more than a week because of all the great attractions like a favorite of mine (Cabañas Cultural Institute) with awesome murals by famous muralist Jose Clemente Orozco. 

Please also check out some favorite Guadalajara vacations top sights to see in under a day guide! 

It's an easy walking tour of some favorite spots in downtown, also known as "el centro." 

Guadalajara, Mexico Retirement

Fresh Coconut Juice in Mexico

Many people love the idea of moving to Mexico, I know that I do. While I'm not there just yet, I can see the appeal.

The weather is great, your money stretches a little more in Mexico, Guadalajara culture is rich, and the food is delicious, there are shopping spots, malls and lots of other chain stores as well.

But what's it like to really live there? An idea is really just a thought.. Until you take the steps to put it in motion. 

If you are strongly considering a move in the near future, the best first step to make is to consider visiting for a few weeks. 

And don't just stay in a hotel... that would be too easy, because you have a lot of help from the concierge and friendly hotel staff. 

Consider renting a Guadalajara apartment or modest home to really help you determine what it will be like to live there, and to see if you'll like it! 

You can get a chance to know specific neighborhoods, practice your Spanish and really talk to your neighbors; learn how to get around by yourself without depending on a guide. 

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