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Mexican holidays and celebrations are always a special treat to observe. And just like all other holidays around the world, they will also vary from region to region. Each holiday is special in its own way with rich and unique customs.

Learn more about Mexican culture by exploring the many Mexican holidays and celebrations right here.

When you decide to plan your vacation to Mexico or more specifically Guadalajara, Mexico, you might want to check out all the holidays and celebrations popular to the area and what days they fall on. Maybe your trip could be planned around your favorites.

Hopefully, my next trip to Guadalajara will be during one of my favorite Mexico holidays, which is Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

This is a wonderful celebration that honors the departed souls of this world, particularly beloved family members. It is such a treat to see. 

Have you ever thought about spending your winter holidays in Mexico? Read more about it and my miserable airport experience during a very freezing winter in Texas.

Are you decorating your home and want that Mexican hacienda style? Find some Mexican tiles to decorate your kitchen, patio and bathroom area. 

National Holidays and Celebrations of Mexico

January 1 New Year's Day (national holiday)

January 6 Dia de los Reyes (Day of the Kings) Traditionally, gifts are exchanged.

February 5 Constitution Day (national holiday) This Mexican holiday celebrates the constitutions of 1857 and 1917.

February 14 This day celebrates the founding of Guadalajara on February 14, 1542. 

February 24 Flag Day (national holiday) 

Early to Mid-March (Usually) Guadalajara Cinema Festival Guadalajara Film Festival 

March 21 Holiday to celebrate the birth of Benito Juárez (national holiday) 

Between March and April Semana Santa (Holy Week) (national holiday) A Pre-Easter holiday that ends with Easter Sunday. Learn more about Easter in Mexico

April 30 Dia del Niño (Day of the Children) A holiday similar to Mother's day and Father's day but for the children! In Mexico, usually elementary schools are closed to honor the children. Many times they are also given candies and goodies to celebrate their special day. 

May 1 Labor Day (National holiday)

May 4 Jalisco Cultural Festival (Runs May 4 til June 1) 

May 5 Cinco de Mayo, Celebrates the victory at Puebla against invading French troops. (National holiday)

May 10 Dia de las Madres (Mother's Day)

September (first week) Day of the Mariachi 

During the first week of September in Guadalajara there is a gathering of Mariachis from all over Mexico and even different parts of the world. It is like a convention or expo. They usually play at Teatro Degollado and the surrounding area. If you are strolling through downtown Guadalajara you should stop by and enjoy the music! It is very unique and you won't find something this large anywhere else.

September 16 Dia de la Independencia de Mexico (Mexican Independence Day) National Holiday The day the fight for independence began and this is the day that Mexicans Celebrate. Read more about Mexico's Independence Day here

October Festival Fiestas de Octubre of Guadalajara A month long festival of parties, games, rides, concerts.. everything fun for the family. Lasts from October 3 to November 3.

October 12 Fiesta de la Virgen de Zapopan in Guadalajara. 

This is a wonderful celebration to honor the Patron Saint of Guadalajara. On this day she is escorted back to her home in the Zapopan cathedral. Be prepared for large crowds. This day is only celebrated in the Guadalajara area.

November 1 Dia de todos Santos (All Souls' Day) Honors the souls of departed children. 

November 2 Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Honors the souls of departed family members.

November 20 Revolution Day, Anniversary of the Revolution. (National holiday or Bank Holiday)

December 12 Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe (Day of our Lady of Guadalupe)

In Guadalajara at the main church called El Santuario, flowers are placed inside the church to honor her. A mariachi band also plays Las Mañanitas to celebrate this special Mexican holiday.

December 25 Navidad (Christmas) (National holiday) 

Learn more about Christmas in Mexico and how Mexicans celebrate this busy holiday full of plays, parties and good food to celebrate the birth of Christ. 

Be sure to check out a tip when you take Christmas vacations to Mexico to make the most of your trip.

December 31 New Year's Eve 

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