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If you ever have the pleasure of walking by the Llamas Mexican candy factory in Guadalajara, Mexico, your nose will really thank you.

The honeyed aroma of guava permeates the air and can only be described as one of the sweetest scents in the world.

Am I exaggerating? Okay, yes, just a bit. But I think you'll agree that the fragrance is heavenly if you happen to experience it first hand. 

Guava Rolls (Rollo de Guayaba)

Dulces Mexicanos-- Rollo de Guayabas (Roll of Guava) are some of the tastiest Mexican candy treats you will ever try. And these special candies are made right in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico! 

Making Mexican Candy-(A Family Business)

Antonio Llamas Alvarado and his family have been making candies since the early 1950's. He first started his candy making career at the young age of 10 along with his father and brothers. 

Years later, he was eager to venture out on his own, so he along with his wife established their own Mexican candy business in 1982. Today, the Llamas family has a successful company that specializes in making a very popular and extremely high demand product, the Rollo de Guayaba.

Rollo de Guayaba

The delicious Rollo de Guayaba is made out of none other than the guava fruit and a small amount of quince. The guava comes from a Guava tree and is native to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and northern parts of South America. 

Guavas-also known as Guayabas in Spanish

To make these delectable little morsels the whole guava is completely ground up, seeds and all, into a fine sticky paste like consistency.

It is then cooked at high temperatures in large steel/copper pots called globos and while mixing the final top secret ingredient is added. I know what it is, but I'm not telling! Just kidding.. :) 

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Once cooked, the guava paste is spread out on a monster sized cookie sheet with sugar into a thin layer. 

Rollo de Guayaba-Mexican Candies in Guadalajara

This is all done by hand and takes very strong arms to spread the thick, gooey paste into an even layer. 

After the candy cools and hardens, the guava paste is cut into smaller sections and "rolled" with a coat of sugar that acts as a preservative. 

It is then cut into bite sizes and then packaged and ready for distribution. And distribute they do! 

Rollo de Guayabas- The finished product, ready to be eaten!

As of June 2007, the Llamas family has had to move the candy factory to a new and much larger location to keep up with the high demand of the Rollo de Guayaba.

These savory candies by the Llamas family are sold all over Mexico and Latin America.

Location of Factory

The factory is located on: 

Francisco Estrada 4525
Lomas del Paraiso CP 44250
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
(0133) 36-74-37-91 (inside Mexico)
(011-5233) 36-74-37-91 (From USA) 

If you would like more information on ordering these or other Mexican candies you may contact Mr. Llamas with the form below. Or, visit some great shopping spots in the Guadalajara area! 

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