Mexican Money 
Using the Money in Mexico

Mexican money.. this is just one of those things you're going to need if you plan on taking Mexico vacations any time soon (and hopefully you'll make Guadalajara your next stop!). 

The currency used in Mexico is called the peso

While there are some touristy Mexican cities that may accept U.S. dollars (nearby Puerto Vallarta comes to mind) without problems, you shouldn't count on it all the time. 

Plus, you'll really be saving money by using the exact currency. It will help to be ready with your pesos when you arrive to your chosen destination, in case you need to catch cabs, tip people or buy something that you forgot about! 

They'll usually have Casas de Cambio to exchange your money at the local airports when you arrive in case you need it. 

Just one of the many advantages of taking leisurely vacations to Guadalajara (or any part of Mexico for that matter) is that your money can really stretch a little more (Depending on where you're from of course).

My first experience with the money in Mexico turned out to be a good one and as silly as this sounds, I was nervous to pay for the first time in pesos. 

I was driving on the toll way down to Guadalajara and was really feeling funny about counting pesos and worried that I would somehow "get it wrong," and embarrass myself.

I pulled up to the toll way, heart beating faster and fumbling around for my change.. but it turns out that counting pesos was really easy and no one laughed at me while I nervously searched for the right amount! Well okay.. I laughed at myself.. but that doesn't count. :-) 

In my head, I made it more difficult than it really was. (Silly me). 

So I'll just say that if you know how to count then you can count with pesos too. 

It's actually starting to be really fun. 

Need to know how else to move around Guadalajara? Read more on my getting around Guadalajara tips. 

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