Lake Chapala Pictures

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I took these Lake Chapala pictures during dry season so everything isn't as green as it could be. I will add some more later so you can tell what a difference the rain makes. 

Lake Chapala Pictures

Lake Chapala is Mexico's largest lake. It is partially supplied by the Rio Lerma. 

Boat tours are available on these colorful boats to either Mezcala Island or Isla de los Alacranes (Scorpion Island). 

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The green plants you see in the water are water hyacinth, known locally as lirio . 

The plant was introduced to the lake for the pretty purple flowers it bears, however, now it has become a huge pest. 

It gets trapped in the propellers of the boats and even worse it decreases the water oxygen level, which kills the whitefish that have long populated the lake. 

Great Egret perched in Lake Chapala lirio" alt="Great Egret perched in Lake Chapala lirio

Lake Chapala also supports around 80 species of migratory birds and a few endemic species (found only in this area). 

Lake Chapala during dry season

Here is another shot of Lake Chapala during dry season. Find out more about the weather in the Guadalajara area and why you should watch out for that lightning in the rainy season

Lake Chapala boats

Here is a really nice shot of the boats floating on Lake Chapala. Take a look at those lovely clouds overhead. 

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