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Off to Scorpion Island We Go!

Isla de los Alacranes or Scorpion island in English is a teeny little island on Lake Chapala, which is easily reached from- guess where? Yes.. right from Chapala ( So why is it called Scorpion Island? Read on..). 

Isla de los Alacranes is so small and secluded that it is only accessible by boat. 

To get there you will need to go down to the dock in Chapala (you can't miss it-there are dozens of bright and colorful little boats docked there). 

On our last trip we took a relaxing 2 hour long boat tour out to the island. One tip, if you do decide to go to Isla de los Alacranes be ready to eat or at least have a drink! 

Here is a beautiful view of some Chapala homes from our boat on our way to the island.

Check necessary things for Outdoor Recreation to make your tour enjoyable!

Look at how lush and green everything is. This photo was taken in the rainy season, during the dry season this view looks completely different. 

Take a look at the difference on the Guadalajara weather page.

View of Chapala homes from our boat on Lake Chapala

There are a couple of quaint little outdoor restaurants on the island ready to serve you. Unfortunately for us, we had already eaten, 

But we knew we wanted to have something since we were there. If you'd rather not eat then you can have the house specialty- the Cazuela. 

We ordered an appetizer called charales which are very, very tiny fish that are dried out kind of like jerky but they're crunchy like chips and usually eaten with salt, lime and chili and supposedly they are delicious. 

Here are charales- they look a bit like french fries at first until you take a closer look!

Charales sitting on our plate

I don't like fish so I took his word for it. I'm not as daring as he is when it comes to eating different things, but then again maybe it is better to play it safe.. so I had a cocktail with tequila instead. 

So what was the best part about Isla de los Alacranes? For me it was the Cazuelas. 

This is a really, really delicious cocktail made with oranges, limes, a bit of grapefruit and a few other yummy bits of citrus fruits which you'll see floating in your "bowl", all mixed with a light splash of the highest quality tequila right from Jalisco which is specially made from the blue agave, find out more about it here

Cazuela- the house special

It was served in this large clay jug that looked just like a bowl. 

Imagine sitting with that cool breeze rushing past you and the taste of exotic fruit juices in your mouth and you'll want one too when you get there. 

You will want to go back for more, guaranteed. 

As we lazily drank our cazuelas a musician came along with his guitar to play any requested songs for a few pesos. 

He brought out this little notepad with lots of selections written down and jokingly called it his MP3 player. 

Walking around the island-Lake Chapala

When we finished our drinks we took a short little walk through the island which is said to be shaped like a scorpion, hence the name- Scorpion island.

You'll be able to see some beautiful birds paddling in the lake. 

I really wanted to walk out onto this little dock below and get a closer shot of the birds but it didn't look very secure so I stayed on high ground. 

Walking around the island-Lake Chapala

Our 2 hours were just about up (they went by so fast) and we met our tour boat guide back at the island dock and were brought back to beautiful Chapala. 

A Lake Chapala boat tour to Isla de los Alacranes is a very relaxing "must do activity," so don't forget it on your next daytrip to Chapala. 

Walking around the island-Lake Chapala

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