He Proposed!

by Celeste in Arizona

Hi from Phoenix, AZ!

I have to say that the calandria ride is really romantic and one that I will never forget!

Here is some background info, my boyfriend and I actually met in Guadalajara about 2 years ago in one of the Spanish immersion programs! He is from New Jersey and I am from Arizona.

We really hit it off and decided to keep in touch and started the long distance relationship thing soon after. I would visit him and he would visit me!

Anyway, a few months ago we decided to take a little trip to Guadalajara for a fun vacation and just to remember the place we met and started to fall in love!

We went downtown and caught a horse drawn carriage, right in front of the theatre.

The sun was setting and the air was nice and cool, then suddenly he turns to me, tells me how much he loves me and cannot imagine his life without me and he proposed!

I had tears in my eyes! It was a dream come true...

I could not be happier and just wanted to share my romantic story. We will always have a special place in our hearts for Guadalajara!


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