Panteon de Belen Haunted Cemetery Legends

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El Panteon de Belen-haunted cemetery?

Is Panteon de Belen a haunted cemetery? 

Well, it just might be. If you read a few of these haunted cemetery legends I think your answer might be yes. 

If you ever go to Guadalajara then you most definitely need to take a night tour through El Panteon de Belen to find out if it really is haunted with ghosts and spirits.

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The Tree of the Vampire

The legend says that there was a vampire that stalked the citizens of Guadalajara. The suspicion started with small animals found all over the city drained completely of their blood. 

Later, infants were found dead and drained of blood as well. Everyone lived in fear. They stayed indoors after dark and prayed for their lives. A group of citizens who were tired of living in constant fear decided to end the daily terror and track down the Vampire. They eventually found him and when they did, they drove a wooden stake through his heart. 

The very next morning the townspeople secured some thick concrete slabs and buried the body, hoping he would never return from the dead. 

Many, many months later the concrete slabs were broken. A small tree started to grow from the stake that was thrust into the heart of the vampire! The tree still stands there to this day. It is said that if you break off a small piece of it, instead of sap you will see blood from the victims of the vampire. At nighttime, it is said that you can also see the faces of the Vampire's victims on the tree. 

I think this tree should be considered haunted. It is also said that the victims have haunted this cemetery in the past and their have been some sightings. 

The grounds people at the cemetery sure do take a lot of precautions with this giant tree. And for a good reason. They say that if the tree dies, the vampire will be released and terrorize the city again. For this reason they have built a gate around the tree to protect it.

Tree of the Vampire

The Haunted Cemetery Tree

The Old Civil Hospital used to be right next to El Panteon de Belen cemetery.

The legend says that there was a very young patient, a boy by the name of Santiago who was dying of cancer. He suffered terribly for days with his mother by his side trying to sooth him. Sadly, there was nothing that could take his pain away. The doctors and staff at the hospital did everything possible to help the young boy get well, but to no avail. 

His mother came in one evening while he was sleeping with a small photo of a favorite saint and put it in Santiago's hand.

He then awoke and stared at the photo and cursed it. His mother tried to calm him and told him to have faith that God would cure him. Santiago was furious and told his mother to leave and angrily said that he didn't believe in her, God or anything else. 

Later that night it is said that Santiago left the hospital and was found the next day in El Panteon de Belen. He had hung himself from one of the trees with his bedsheet. 

It is also said that the staff from the hospital had the tree cut down. Now only a short stump remains, however, at nighttime you can see the shadow of the entire tree and in that shadow it appears somebody is hanging from it in this haunted cemetery. 

Tree stump from Panteon de Belen

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The Pirate's Treasure

This is a story of a pirate who devoted his life to stealing treasures and other riches from other ships. He secretly hid all his treasures in a spot that only he knew of.

He never revealed to anyone where he put the treasure, not even his only son! In his old age he decided to settle in Guadalajara and months later died. 

It is said that if you go to his tomb in El Panteon de Belen, light a candle, say a rosary at midnight and pray for his soul then his spirit will appear before you. 

He will then reveal exactly where he buried his great treasure.

Boy who was afraid of the dark

Ignacio was a very young child who had a strange problem since he was a newborn. He was completely afraid of the dark and especially afraid of enclosed spaces. He was so afraid that his parents had to keep a light on in his room and the windows had to be opened.

Unfortunately, after he turned 1 year old Ignacio died. He was buried in El Panteon de Belen cemetery in Guadalajara. The day after the burial the cemetery watchman was horrified to discover Ignacio's coffin sitting above the concrete slab of his tomb. He put it back where it belonged and it was found again the next day above ground! This occurred for 10 days straight. 

Panteon de Belen tomb

Ignacio's parents told the groundskeeper of his problem when he was alive. They decided to keep his coffin above ground to ease his spirit. Even after death he was still afraid of the dark. 

When we went to this "haunted cemetery" for a tour we saw his tomb with the coffin above ground like the legend says. Around the coffin, people had placed little toy cars, soldiers, small stuffed animals and candies. So maybe if he has haunted the cemetery grounds he'll see the toys by his tomb and his spirit will be at ease.

Tip: The tour guide told us that it would be better if you took the tour during the day to get aquanted with the grounds and then come for the night tour. She said it's an experience like no other.

Haunted cemetery or not? The cemetery tour guide said that you are allowed to bring a flashlight with you. And, you will definately need it since it is pitch black at nightime! Coming soon more haunted cemetery legends. Stay tuned.. 

The night tour hours are as follows:

7:00pm, 8:30pm, 10pm, and midnight 

Tours last about 30 minutes 

Cost of ticket: $33.00 pesos (approximately $3.00). There is a very small extra charge to take photos. 

Hours are subject to change without notice. 

Please check back for updates. 

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