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Guadalajara Weather Forecast, Mexico

Guadalajara Weather has been famously described as being like an "eternal spring," and it definitely lives up to that name! 

The city and the surrounding areas are in fact popular retirement spots for many people because of the wonderful weather. 

Ever heard of Lake Chapala? It's home to many Canadian and American expats. 

Isla Alacranes at Lake Chapala

Guadalajara is ohh so very inviting with a two season climate, the wet and dry season. 

If you plan on visiting remember that the rainy season is between May and October.

During June, July and August it can rain up to 4 or 5 times a week! Luckily, it's not an all day event. If you plan on visiting Guadalajara during these times, be prepared to seek shelter when it rains. 

Because when it rains, it really pours cats and dogs. It's very rare to be struck but the lightning has been so dangerous in the past that they erected rods called para rayos on top of buildings and churches to try and attract it away from pedestrians. 

You'll see them on top of a few of the buildings. Here's one below. 

Para Rayos at Hospicio Cabanas

Believe it or not.. there is an upside to all that rain. ( What!? Rain on my vacation can be a good thing?) Yes, it can be. If you're in Guadalajara during these times, you'll discover that everything turns a lush, rich, green color. And its absolutely spectacular!

To see the true beauty of Guadalajara you will need to catch it during this time or quickly after. And if not, no big deal! Hey.. at least you don't have to worry about rain. :) Guadalajara is beautiful no matter what season.

View from Lake Chapala during dry season

November to April is dry season. They don't call it dry for nothing. No rain in sight, and everything... well, dries up. Check out the photo above. Very dry.. 

View from Lake Chapala during rainy season

And here is the same spot during rainy season, What a difference the rain makes. 

Guadalajara weather has been known to be almost perfect, but... it can get hot during the day, especially during dry season when you're walking around in the sun (of course). 

Temperatures can reach the early 90s. Can you say caliente? 

Always remember to use sunscreen and protect yourself by wearing a wide brimmed hat and drink plenty of water! You'll be surprised at how excited you'll be to start your day and walk out without the proper sun protection. 

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One plus about the two season climate is that winter in Guadalajara (December to February) is pretty mild. 

Temperatures can climb to 75° F (24°C) by high noon and at nighttime they can drop to 45°F (5°C). Not too bad! Especially if you need an escape from those freezing winters! I know if you're Canadian you're nodding your head right now! :) Toss those heavy coats and get your sunscreen ready. Yes indeed, the Guadalajara weather forecast looks good.

Things to take to Guadalajara

  • Sunscreen with proper SPF protection of 15 or more
  • Hats to protect you from the sun
  • Light sweaters for the morning (cool mornings)
  • Comfortable walking shoes

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