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Guadalajara history dates back to 1542. The now beautiful city actually had a few setbacks in it's first few years of settlement. 

Guadalajara History

Mexico came under Spanish rule from 1521 to 1821. What is now Guadalajara was settled by Spanish Conquistadores on February 14, 1542. They were led by the infamous Nuño de Guzmán. 

It has been said that Guzmán and his followers raped, burned and pillaged their way westward. This created much anger, hatred and hostility from once peaceful Native American tribes. 

The hostility of these tribes is what kept the conquistadores from settling the area that Guzmán hoped to name Guadalajara after his hometown in Spain. 

What are other visitors saying about Guadalajara? 

It took 3 failed attempts to finally settle due to the Mixton War (1540-1542) with the local tribes. 

Ironically, Guzmán was arrested by royal authorities and died in a prison in Spain the same year Guadalajara, Mexico became an official city. 

History of Guadalajara - Cofounders

The cofounders of the city were Doña Beátriz de Hernández (photo of her statue is above) and governer Cristóbal de Oñate. There is a monument to honor them in Plaza de Los Fundadores. 

The Battle for Freedom (Mexican Independence Day)

September 16, 1810 is the day Mexico was freed from Spanish rule.. well not really, but it was the day the fight for independence began and this is the day that Mexicans honor and celebrate. 

Find out why on: Mexico Independence Day


  • Located in West Central Mexico
  • Second largest City in Mexico
  • Capital of the state Jalisco
  • Climate: Year round dry and warm, read more about guadalajara weather.
  • Altitude: 1524 meters (5000ft)
  • Currency used: Peso (Read more about Mexican money

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