Guadalajara Real Estate

Your Own Little Mexican Paradise

Guadalajara Real Estate

Guadalajara real estate is one hot commodity and many people want a piece of that pie. 

So have YOU been thinking about buying in Guadalajara? 

If you are then you're one smart cookie. Umm.. I mean tamale! :-) 

Guadalajara is known for her year round, warm and pleasant weather , inviting culture, delicious food and not to mention all the fascinating attractions and top sights of the city

Guadalajara Apartments - Featured Property For Rent

You may be dreaming of how great it would be to own a little piece of paradise in Mexico. Believe it or not, you can make this dream a reality. 

Help me make this section better for you!

I'm working on this section to help make it better and provide you with the information you need to know most about purchasing a home in Mexico. 

So if you have questions or need to know something about Guadalajara Real Estate that you don't see here please ask your question or enter your topic and let me know what you would like to see in the future.

Whether you're thinking of either moving to Mexico or maybe renting a home or apartment in Guadalajara there is plenty for you choose from. 

Just take a look at the city and you'll find a buffet of choices from luxury real estate in Guadalajara to affordable homes and apartments, villas by Lake Chapala and quaint little houses in small neighboring towns and villages. 

Real Estate Choices in Greater Guadalajara

Ajijic Real Estate

Own property in a growing village with a large number of expats from Canada and the U.S. Learn more about Ajijic, the cobblestoned village by Lake Chapala. 

Do you want something in a gated, private community? Maybe a house by a golf course or maybe just a little place in a quiet, small, out of the way village?

Like many, you may have heard that it is difficult to purchase property in Mexico or that foreigners "are not allowed to own Mexican real estate." While there are a few obstacles that foreigners may face in buying a home, it is indeed possible! 

This extra effort just makes owning your dream home in paradise just that much more special!

Top Tip : It will be helpful to work with a good real estate agent or broker to guide you through the process. They are familiar with the legal issues and what to look out for so be sure to have one by your side. 

As far as the rules go, the Mexican constitution states that "foreigners cannot own property within 100 kilometers of the border and 50 kilometers within the coastline." These areas are appropriately called the "restricted zone." 

But don't worry, Guadalajara homes are not in the restricted zone. 

However, even if you want to purchase a weekend Puerto Vallarta villa, then there is still a way to buy property. Real estate in the restricted zone can be purchased using either a Mexican corporation or a Bank Trust. 

So don't worry.. you can do this and soon enough you'll find that perfect, diamond in the rough, the Guadalajara real estate that's just right for you.

Take your time to search for your dream property and be prepared. 

More to come .. such as "Finding a Mexico home loan.. or financing for your property." Stay tuned!

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