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El Parque Colomos

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Guadalajara Tourist attraction- Parque Colomos

If you love nature, walking, jogging or just enjoy the outdoors and pretty gardens then El Parque Colomos should be on your list of attractions. 

Guadalajara actually has 7 parks in the greater metro. area. 

Another one to visit is Parque Mirador de la Barranca Huentitán with really pretty views of the mountains. 

Guadalajara attractions,Parque Colomos-Japanese Garden

What I loved most about Parque Colomos was the Japanese Gardens. I've read that the Park actually has 2 gardens (Japanese and Cacti). Unfortunately, I missed the Cacti Garden since I did not know about it.

Next time, I'll be sure to visit and add more pictures. As you can see the Japanese Gardens are quite beautiful. There were a lot of goldfish ponds with some very large fish. 

This is a fun family activity.. especially if you have young children, they'll really enjoy feeding the fish and even an eager squirrel or two.

Guadalajara attractions- Parque Colomos- Japanese Garden

This park is also a beautiful spot to take wedding photos. 

There were actually 2 couples taking their wedding photos when I visited. It's a great spot if you want some extra special pictures. 

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Guadalajara Mexico Attractions -Our Horseback Riding Experience

This park also has horseback riding and you'll see them as soon as you enter (right by the front entrance).

We decided to give it a try but I honestly can't say the experience was very pleasant and I wouldn't recommend it.

Guadalajara Mexico attractions- Parque Colomos- Japanese Garden

The horses seemed extremely thirsty and didn't seem to be given water while they were waiting to be saddled, which resulted in them seeking out water sources along the trail and not budging after this (very understandable). 

Antonio and his sister had to dismount to let the poor horses drink and ended up walking back to the entrance after riding for only 10 minutes. We advised the guy in charge that the horses were very thirsty and we left them up the trail to drink but he didn't seem very concerned. 

Maybe we just had a bad experience or caught them on an "off" day.. I'm not sure. 

This was the experience that we had and I'm extremely curious to know if you have comments about your horseback riding experience (negative and positive). 

If so, please do share them here and I'll definitely post them for others to see. 

Please be sure to put as the subject line "Guadalajara Mexico Attractions Horesback Riding" or something similar so I can post it here. 

You should most definitely visit the park because it's beautiful and do take a tour of the gardens. 

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