An American Teacher Braves the Guadalajaran Lifestyle and Finds Harmony

Hola! More and more people are braving the lifestyles outside of their own country and finding economic freedom and a little extra time off. 

Conversely, the social restrictions that apply to "foreigners" can be a bit daunting, especially for women, and the academic supervision, required social networking (believe it or not), comfortable and uncomfortable conversations with strangers can make one scream "Enough!" every now and then. 

There are four stages in every life:

  1. How can I get what I want?
  2. How can I get what he wants?
  3. How can I make the money to get what I want?  
  4. How do I qualify for what I want? 

Let's think about the answers.

Guadalajara, Mexico happens to have a little stamp from heaven that guarantees employment unlike other cities and countries outside the USA.

No, the United States does not promise to provide a great teaching position, but it does guarantee three meals a day and proper healthcare. 

What more could we ask? Some of us are courageous enough to ask for more. If you want exploding paychecks and wallets you may have to brave the market, Asian that is, on the other side of the world, but if you want academic challenges and rewards, solid companionship and clear leadership then you may have to do nothing more than step across the border!

How far is the bustling city of Guadalajara and how can I afford to live there? I hear you ask. Well, it is easy to explain in a few simple sentences. As luck would have it, you may enjoy this glorious place because it is not far from the Rio Grande. 

Unlike Tokyo and Beijing, it is a 3-hour flight from San Antonio and a 9-hour bus ride from various parts of the Rio Grande. But that is not all, Guadalajara is a city of lectures, presentations, book signings, festivals, celebrations for children and families plus other events throughout the year and many of them are without cost! 

If you have more serious questions like do I need a passport or just a birth certificate? And how do I treat an injury? Then just enroll in a school and you will be doused with professional-like care addressing diverse questions such as those.

If you are admiring the lifestyle of the average teacher in Guadalajara but want a few eye-openers, look no further. The clarifying information is buried here! First, a teacher is greeted and treated like a welcomed king: majestically and gratuitously each morning. 

After one week of teaching, one may view Tres Leches Cake like a daily visit from an old friend if you are a little homesick!  Furthermore, you see and experience Guadalajara like a genuine local because you work with them! You interact with Guadalajarans every day, learn to speak Spanish a little better and treasure your lunches in a very "shocked silent"  American way. 

The experience of weekly tours of the city, homemade Mexican food for lunch and dinner, hot salsa dancing lessons on Fridays and small excursions on the weekend leave you planning your next visit before you finish the first one. Sit in a gazebo permeated by music at 2 am and you will understand.

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