Guadalajara Food Recommendations

by Matt
(Austin, TX, USA)

Birria place in Plaza de Nueve Esquinas

Birria place in Plaza de Nueve Esquinas

I love El Gato in downtown Guadalajara. It's the first restaurant I stumbled upon, the first time I was in GDL. Really great food, specializing in grilled meat.

The grills are at the front of the restaurant, opening out onto the street, and you can see them cooking up meat galore. There's frequently a wait. Most of the time it's not bad, but don't go right at peak Mexican dinnertime.

In the Plaza de Nueve Esquinas (Nine Corners) there are a couple small restaurants that serve birria, a regional soup with lime, onion and hot sauce (if you want it hot). The one at the south side of the plaza is my favorite. They serve the best fresh-squeezed orange juice I've ever had in my life.

Also one of the waitresses won me over when she saw me putting hot sauce in my soup. She got really concerned and warned me, "te vas a enchilar!" That's basically, "you'll over-chilify yourself!" In other words, that's so much chile, it'll be too hot for you to handle.

Once I figured out what she was saying, that instantly became my favorite word in Spanish. She was wrong, but I liked how anxious she was for me.

Last but certainly not least - the bakery chain Pan Danés. Their pan de elote (sweet cornbread) is my favorite. The apple strudel is amazing too, and it's huge. On Donato Guerra, maybe at the corner of Prisciliano Sanchez?

Also, a shout out to the Tacos Gay taco stand. There's nothing gay about it, just a marketing ploy. It's near some gay bars and that's their gimmick for drawing business.

Pretty funny... and the signboard at the front has a line in English that cracks me up. On Prisciliano Sanchez at Ocampo or Donato Guerra.

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