Guadalajara Apartments for Rent

Tips to Know for a Better Experience..

Take a look at the Guadalajara apartments for rent and homes for rent now!

If you've decided to vacation in Guadalajara for more than a few days and you need a place to stay then Guadalajara long term rentals may be a great way to go. 

But keep in mind that not all apartments or homes come furnished or with particular amenities.. so always be sure to ask. 

Keep the following list in mind while you're searching for that perfect little apartment or rental home.

Guadalajara apartments for rent can really offer you something more substantial and "real" from what you'd get from a regular hotel, no matter how nice or luxurious it is.

Things You Need to Know About Your Guadalajara Vacation Rental

Here are some helpful things to find out when choosing Guadalajara, Mexico rentals:

  • Is apartment or house furnished?
  • Is bottled drinking water included? What about towels and linens?
  • Does it have a washer and dryer?
  • Wireless internet?
  • Does it have a working kitchen versus just a small fridge and a hot plate?
  • Does the kitchen have dishes, glasses, cutlery, coffee maker.. etc?
  • Is it close by local shops, grocery stores.. restaurants, public transportation (how close)?
  • Are pets allowed? Dogs and cats?
  • Does the owner have an emergency contact close by in case something goes wrong and will they fix it?

Remember that your price may go up the more amenities you have.. So always keep this in mind when searching. 

Guadalajara long term rentals.. Try to bargain?

One of the biggest benefits of renting a place for more than a few weeks or a month is that you have more bargaining power.

An owner of a property who is independently renting out her place may be more willing to offer you a discount if you stay longer, depending on the season. 

Hey, even if she won't.. it's always good to ask! You may just save yourself some money.

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