Promoting the Folk Art of Mexico Feria Maestros del Arte

One of the many joys of traveling to Mexico is that you get to experience firsthand, the magnificent culture, the people, rich customs, mouthwatering food and the beautiful and vibrant folk art of Mexico. 

Where else in the world can you find a happy faced, brightly dressed, sombrero wearing, paper mache skeleton playing a guitar? :) 

That place is Mexico and it is where artistic expression has no boundaries.

Paper mache mariachi skeleton

Travelers to Mexico expect to see it everywhere.. the bright and lively colors, ornate and whimsical designs and those special pieces with a touch of fantasy in them. 

In the past, while strolling through some of the top shopping spots in the Guadalajara area like Tlaquepaque and Tonalá, I've come across artwork so beautiful made out of something so plain and ordinary that I wondered.. how in the world did they come up with that?! 

I call it creative genius and it is so evident in the beautiful folk art of Mexico.

Feria Maestros del Arte is a wonderful non-profit art show that celebrates Mexican and indigenous folk art. The art show is based out of Ajijic, Mexico and is put on every year by countless volunteers, and I'm sure many of them are lovers of Mexican folk art themselves.

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Founder of the art show, Marianne Carlson, hand selects each artist that will participate in the show. To do this she ventures throughout Jalisco and other parts of Mexico in search of those hidden and unknown artists with the finest and most spectacular pieces to show, the diamonds in the rough.

Each artist brings something different to the show which helps make the Feria unique and very special. If selected to participate, artists may travel from all over Mexico for a chance to share and sell their work in Ajijic or other spots in the greater Guadalajara area.. 

Folk Art of Mexico

The Feria is non profit, so the participating artists are not paying a percentage or fee for their sales. The participating artists are also provided with local housing and meals during their brief stay. 

The show includes a variety of unknown artists and is sprinkled with a few famous master artists to attract some worldwide attention. Quite a few of them have been featured in the book "Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art," for all you collectors and lovers of Mexican folk art out there, this book is a must. 

Great Masters of Folk Art Book

Many of the selected artists featured in the show come from small towns and usually only sell their work locally or out of their homes so their exposure is very limited. 

Feria Maestros del Arte offers a truly unique opportunity to see the folk art of Mexico that most likely would not have been seen by such a large audience if it weren't for the show. 

These gifted artists are given a one of a kind opportunity to showcase their work and establish solid connections with interested collectors and buyers. 

Feria Maestros del Arte is organized every year and is a 3 day fun filled and fabulous event. 

Some of the many events arranged in the past were live demonstrations, a charity raffle and an embroidered gown fashion show. 

If you can't make the art show in November you can also buy Mexican folk art all year round from their website below.

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