City of Never Ending Love

by Jane
(West covina, california)

My last trip to Guadalajara Jalisco, was the most unforgettable experience i've ever had. Both my parents and their families are from Guadalajara so we tend to go every 1-2 years.

Ever since i can remember I always enjoyed my time over there. Whether it was the beautiful climate and landscapes or the fact that you can find a taco stand at nearly every corner, every trip there blew my mind, but none like the last.

It was December of 2009 I was a senior in high school and i didn't really care much about the trip because i knew i would miss out on hanging out with my friends over winter break.

We arrived in Guadalajara December 12 at approximately 2:00 in the afternoon. It was such a beautiful sunny day. I could see the lush green grass as our airplane was reaching the Guadalajara International Airport.

My uncle picked my mother and i up from the airport and we took a 40 minute drive to the Colonia Esperanza which is where our family is located.

Once there we were greeted very humbly with a big pot of pozole and all our family with arms wide open. In Guadalajara, we did something fun every single day.

We would go down to the centro and buy crafts to bring back home and work on we'd go to the nearby taco stands and indulge in delicious tacos while watching scary movies back at my grandma's house.

My cousin and i would go out every night to the park to watch the local soccer teams play. One night at one of the games i noticed my grandpa's neighbor Andres there, and we instantly connected eyes. It was as if my sight was glued to his. The soccer game was about to start, so he quickly put on his shoes and started playing.

I sat and watched him from a bench nearby. i had seen him many times before on our trips, but i was never so drawn to him, i have never been so drawn to anyone. After the game was over my cousin and i quickly left because we had a curfew.

The next day i walked to my grandpa's house. When i was getting there i saw Andres outside washing his car. I quickly glanced at him when i saw a girl next to him giving him a kiss my heart dropped and i just kept walking.

My cousins who live with my grandpa and are Andres' best friends came outside to greet me. They asked what i was doing that night and invited me to go play pool with them. i agreed and headed back to my grandma's house.

At around 8:00 that night my other cousin and i started getting ready i was still kind of sad that Andres had a girlfriend but figured it would be a miracle if he didn't, considering that everyone in Guadalajara has a boyfriend or girlfriend.

My cousin and i walked to my grandpa's house. When we got there i noticed my cousins waiting outside for us and i noticed Andres was with them. They all said hi to us and asked if we were ready to go, i was
very confused about the whole situation, Andres had a girlfriend and he should have been spending his time with her not with us.

Once we got to the bar in Zapopan called el contacto, we got a table under a beautiful array of low lit candles.

We were all in a great mood. my cousins asked my other girl cousin if she wanted to play pool with them and she agreed and they left Andres and i alone, which was very awkward for me at first.

He asked if i remembered him and of course i said yes. He told me i was really pretty, i asked why he wasn't out with his girlfriend and he surprised me with what he said.

He said they had broken up because he told her he liked me. i sat there stunned. i didn't know what to say and without saying anything he leaned in and kissed me.

I felt butterflies throughout every inch of my body. no ones kiss had ever tasted so good to me. Ever since that night he and i hung out every day. He took me to soccer games, to great restaurants in the centro including El Adobe which i do highly recommend, we went to the zoo, which is by far the most beautiful zoo i have ever seen and on christmas we celebrated at the block party near his house.

New year's eve however is the best memory, we sat on his roof watching the fireworks over the beautiful Guadalajara skyline. He kissed me and asked me to marry him.

I never expected it to happen,but i loved that it had happened. I was only 18 so i did not know what to say, after just a a moment i smiled and said yes, knowing it wouldn't really happen.

Soon after that amazing night my trip had come to an end we made that 40 minute drive back to Guadalajara International airport. I did not want that car ride to end i wanted to stay in the beautiful Guadalajara, i wanted to stay with Andres.

I stared out the car window at the glistening orange lights of the city that morning they were like teardrops, my teardrops. Andres and i were devastated we did not want to be separated we just wanted to be married and happy, but it couldnt be.

When i came back to California i entered a horrible depression, i was glad that him and i still talked but i figured it would eventually stop and we would just forget about each other.

However, surprisingly, nearly 2 years later, we still talk, we still tell each other how much we care for one another and how soon we will be together forever.

Although he is nearly 2,000 miles away, he is still the only one that can make my heart skip a beat. I hope to see him soon. Our next trip to Guadalajara is planned to be in December, in only 5 months and i CANNOT wait.

I look forward to it more than anything. Andres and i plan to get married beachside in beautiful Puerto Vallarta.

I look forward to seeing Andres i look forward to seeing my beautiful Guadalajara.

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How Sweet!
by: Jeannie

Thank you so much for sharing your story, what a wonderful time you two must have had together!

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