Candies for Christmas

by Doris B.

When I go visit my family in Guadalajara (cousins and aunts and uncles) I would go to these Christmas parties even though most are not on Christmas Eve.

With my father's side of the family we would get together and have a big party, and there is always someone who has drank too much tequila or Tecate Lite.

And with my mother's family we would have a party on Christmas Eve with all of her cousins and her relatives and we would dance to music, talk to each other and once we had a singing competition and everyone won!

Then at midnight we would sing Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus and we would eat our turkey and have our gift exchange.

And when you go to church ALWAYS have candies because there are lots of very poor people and when it is Christmas they know they will get something from some nice people.

And if you can bring to church a big bag of candy so then you can give some to the kids and adults who are asking for you to help their Christmas.

Guadalajara, Mexico Vacations

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