Calling Guadalajara

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If you are calling Guadalajara from the U.S. then here's how to do it. 

First dial the code to call outside U.S. (011) 

Then dial the Mexico country code (52)

Then area code for Guadalajara (33)

Then input the phone number... xxxx-xxxx

Call Guadalajara- Here's How It Should Look


Or if this makes it easier to read just write it out like this: 


Don't worry these are both the same. 

I just wanted to write the second option because personally I prefer the second format when I'm reading it, since this is how our numbers look in the U.S. 

Plus the second version is easier to memorize!

If you don't have international calling on your phone then head to your local convenience store and buy an international calling card. 

Follow the instructions and place your call. 

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