Our Best Christmas Vacations in Mexico

"Our Mexico Holiday in our Christmas House" Story by Heather Porter

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Every year during Christmas time, my family and I (all 6 of us) travel to a beautiful part of Mexico in Jalisco state called Puerto Vallarta.

It's become a tradition for us to visit this beautiful resort city in Mexico and we've had some of our best Christmas vacations there. 

This may sound silly.. but we have a time honored tradition of renting our home.. and NO, we don't have a huge budget to work with so one of the things that we love about visiting Mexico is that we are able to have "cheap Christmas vacations" by renting modest homes in Puerto Vallarta.. the prices sure beat traveling to Europe! 

One of these days we'll rent out one of those fancy villas... here's hoping!

Since we are looking for homes during the holidays, we must start our vacation planning months ahead to get the best rental house. 

We like to try to get a different house every year if we can just to change things up a little, plus it's so much fun to see which house we'll get to stay in as each one has different views and all very beautiful of course.

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The kids really love "choosing our Christmas house," and this has become quite the family tradition for us. While it's true that during the Christmas season the rentals are definitely more, it's totally worth it and more affordable for my husband and I. 

After all, this is our family vacation for the year and we've always had the best Christmas whenever we visit, so for us, we happily do this year after year. 


Heather Porter 

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