Renting an Apartment in Guadalajara

Our Misadventures with a Rental

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Before you rent an apartment in Guadalajara or even if you're staying with friends, family or house swapping.. you need to have a person you can contact in case something goes wrong with your rental. 

It could be the person you are renting from directly or maybe they have somebody in charge in case of emergencies, either way.. somebody to help with accidents that might happen around the house. 

When you rent an apartment in Guadalajara, you have the benefit of getting a true feel for the city as a city dweller and not that of your average tourist. 

With that said.. it's very unlikely that any issues will arise...however, something can always go wrong which is why I'd like to advise you to get an emergency contact number of someone who can help you, just in case. 

And let me tell you why.. 

There's a pool in the kitchen of our Guadalajara apartment!

On our last vacation to Guadalajara we actually stayed at a relative's place which she was renting with some of her close friends. 

She kindly let us stay in her room free of charge which we were eternally grateful for too!

We were starting our day early, the whole house was empty except for us as everyone had left for work. 

I'm a big coffee drinker and started to make coffee for the two of us. When I turned on the kitchen faucet to clean out the coffee pot... I started to hear a noise like there was water rushing out of something.

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The sound continued, even after I turned off the water faucet!

I checked below the sink to discover that one of the pipes below had busted. 

There was water gushing out of the busted pipe at full strength.

Warm water was rushing out onto the kitchen floor and I, being ever so cool as a cucumber (yeah right!) started screaming like a mad lunatic. 

I yelled out, "Oh my God, Antonio come here! Come here now! Help, help! 

He came running into the kitchen. It didn't take long for the water to start flooding the kitchen floor and we were ankle deep in water..but guess what happened next.. 

Where is that shut off valve?

We couldn't even shut it off because the valve handle was also broken (just perfect)... and of course we were on vacation and had no tools or anything to fix it. 

The person we were staying with was at work and had her cell phone turned off. After frantically calling everyone we could think of, we finally reached a family member and about 45 minutes later he arrived and shut it off from the outside. 

Am I making this story up?

I wish I was. 

It really did happen, which is why you need to make sure you have an emergency contact for any minor..umm.. big problems that may come up. So, regardless of having an early morning swim in the kitchen, I would still stay in or rent another apartment in Guadalajara.

I'll tell you why... Because it's fun, you have the comforts of home.. and you feel like you are part of the city. It's all just one big adventure! 

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