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Guadalajara, Mexico AttractionsThe Rotunda of Illustrious Jalisco Men and Women

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Fun Activities In Guadalajara

There are many activities in Guadalajara, Mexico and wonderful sights to see. 

Here is just one of them. Why not pay a visit?

Located by the Guadalajara Cathedral in a green park and surrounded by beautiful trees is Rotonda de Los Jaliscienses Ilustres, The Rotunda of Illustrious Jalisco men and women. 

Underneath this elegant structure is where many of the illustrious people of Guadalajara are buried. These exceptional men and women who have made Guadalajara and their country proud with their accomplishments and in turn are honored here in this lovely park for all to appreciate.

Guadalajara attraction-Rotunda of Illustrious Men and Women

Before this Rotunda was made, some of the remains of these illustrious men used to be buried in the famous and perhaps haunted Panteon de Belen cemetery, just one more of the many fun things to do in Guadalajara. 

The Rotunda was erected in 1952 and is lined with 17 columns. Beyond the gate that encircles and protects the Rotunda lay 98 urns. 

Until recently, the rotunda only held male remains. The first woman, a teacher named Irene Robledo Garcia, was also laid to rest here.

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Jose Clemente Orozco bronze statue

There are several bronze statues that surround the Rotunda. Just a couple of the many distinguished people honored here include famous painter José Clemente Orozco and the poet Enrique González Martinez. 

There are benches all around the Rotunda. You might want to stop and get a pan dulce (sweet breads or pastry) at a nearby shop like we did and sit in the park and enjoy the lovely view. It's even better at sunset. 

Rotonda de Los Hombres Ilustres with Cathedral tower in background

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