Shopping in Tlaquepaque

TlaquepaquePhoto courtesy of Lic. Iván Llamas

Tlaquepaque is a fun spot to shop. You'll find so many treasures here. There are tons of shops with beautiful Mexican folk art and many upscale designer boutiques as well as so many street vendors.


Just some of the many products you'll find here include the best blown glass in the country.

Papier-maché, ceramics, beautiful sculptures and figurines of people, animals and skeletons such as these that are especially popular during the Day of The Dead celebration.

They also have beautifully embroidered dresses, shirts and bags, which I absolutely loved.

But by far the most abundant items you'll find here will be the fine pottery and ceramics.

If you love bargains then you will also want to check out Tonala's open air market which is a nearby town for more Mexican crafts, ceramic, furniture, pottery and more.

Embroidered shirts

They even have a Ceramic Museum, which is located on Independencia Street #237

This beautiful duck shown is one of my favorites. It's made out of barro or clay. It's surprisingly pretty sturdy! When Antonio and I went to shop for trinkets we came across a vendor selling these.

I was slowly sifting through the pretty painted ducks and cats and to my own horror I accidentally knocked over several of them. I felt terrible.

Painted Duck

I immediately looked up at the lady to apologize for my clumsiness and she started laughing so hard and had a big smile on her face and said, "Mira, no se quebran!" Look, they don't break!

She then knocked over a few of them on purpose just to show me how durable they were. I thought that was nice of her and started laughing too and breathed a huge sigh of relief. Phew!

El Gordo de Tlaquepaque

TlaquepaquePhoto courtesy of Dr. Llamas

Don't forget to have your picture taken next to "El Gordo" This beautiful señorita was kind enough to let us take her picture.

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