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The Guadalajara Explorer, Issue #002 -- Our crazy vacation
April 26, 2007
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Hello Fellow Guadalajara Explorer!

Have you ever just had a really bad vacation or just plain bad luck?? Well we did on our last one back in January. Whatever could go wrong did go wrong and it has taken me this long to recover! But that’s okay! Live and learn right?

Here’s what happened: Our jeep broke down once we arrived in Guadalajara and cost mucho dinero (lots of money) to fix!

We stayed at the home of a relative and guess what?? The pipes in the sink decided to bust wide open and converted her kitchen into a temporary swimming pool! We were ankle deep in water and frantically searching for the shut off valve. We found it after floating around for an hour.

Due to our visit being shortly after the New Year’s holiday many of the attractions I wanted to see were closed!

Oh and one last thing…. After our jeep was supposedly “repaired” it broke down again about 2 hours outside of Guadalajara on our way back home. Yes…. pretty bad. Let’s see if you can top that!! 

But don’t worry, that will never stop us from visiting over and over again because I love Guadalajara! Let's see what happens next time!


In this issue we’ve got Guadalajara cemetery information galore! What can I say.. I’m crazy about those cemeteries!

I’ve added a few pictures of the Guadalajara Cemetery (Panteon Guadalajara) and chatted with the groundskeepers about any possible eery activity there, check them out here

or here ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I’ve also added a rather suspicious looking video clip taken from the entryway of the Panteon de Belen.

What’s your opinion? Ghost…… or bad lighting?

Warning: The video contains language inappropriate for minors (In Spanish) so if you don’t want to hear it please turn the volume off.


If you’re going to be in Guadalajara from May 4th to June 1st then you’re in luck because the Jalisco Cultural Festival has come to town.

The festival celebrates the fine arts of food, dance, theatre, cinema, sculpture and much more, I would sign up for the food and wine tastings!

Website for more info. (In Spanish)

If you’ll be in Guadalajara, stop by any of the tourist kiosks for more information on all the events offered. The attendants are very helpful and speak English. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Ask the Editor"- Have a question about Guadalajara that you’d like answered? Now’s your chance! Submit your question here and we’ll post it in our next edition of The Guadalajara Explorer.
C’mon, you know you want to…! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(c) 2007

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