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Side Trip from Guadalajara!

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Check out some beautiful villas in Puerto Vallarta right by the beach! 

P.V., Mexico is a bustling beach town full of five star resorts and beautiful villas to the west of Guadalajara and I might add a mere 3 1/2 hours away (roughly). 

Okay, Antonio says it's really 3 hours but I won't count speeding. :-)

It's really a shame to be so close to P.V. and not pop in for an extra long weekend visit.

Driving from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta is only a few hours.. and if you don't want to drive then you can take the bus!

So if you ever get tired of taking in all the great Guadalajara culture, delicious food, shopping, sights and good life in the city (now how could you get tired of all that!) there's always relaxing P.V. to spice things up. 

As if it isn't spicy enough already.. :-)

My “top” favorite weekend trip from Guadalajara is P.V. which happens to be one of the top vacation spots in Mexico.

One question that I receive from a lot of visitors is whether they should visit P.V. or Guadalajara? So why not see them both?

If you plan on taking a trip to Guadalajara or taking Puerto Vallarta vacations anytime soon, you will be pleased to know that they are close enough for a weekend trip.

Speaking of.. if you're interested in staying longer then check out the Puerto Vallarta villa listings for more information.

Or, you can check out the condo rentals, if you need something smaller.

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Keep in mind that if you take the bus, it is a little longer because the bus driver makes quite a few stops a long the way in some smaller towns. However, when we took the bus (we used Primera Plus) the ride was extremely enjoyable and relaxing. More on this later..

P.V. is such an enchanting town by the beach with enticingly blue waters and some really strong surf. The P.V. area has been blessed with beautiful creamy sands with a mixture of lots of small and smooth stones.

Many of which I decided to pick up and save as mementos. The hotel we stayed at actually had some of the employees raking up the stones every morning to keep the sand clear and easier for visitors to walk on.

While strolling along the beach you will come across many vendors selling their creations. To my surprise, there were quite a few who made jewelry crafted from the beautiful beach stones of P.V.

Just one of the main advantages to visiting Guadalajara is that there is a lot to do and if you ever crave the feel of warm sand at your feet and a daiquiri in your hand then P.V. is close enough to quench your beach loving thirst.

Puerto Vallarta Things to Do

  • You can leisurely lounge by the beach sipping daiquiris (my personal favorite). That's what beach life is all about isn't it!

  • Take a stroll along the boardwalk El Malecon. You'll find all kinds of sculptures, cool shops and local restaurants and bars to choose from. Choose one and plop yourself down for a delicious meal and watch the other beachgoers pass by. There are also loads of vendors selling anything from seashell jewelry to custom drawn portraits.

  • You can also take a sunset boat tour to experience the unbelievable sunsets. This is something the whole family will enjoy. Be sure to have your camera ready for the magic shot. Sadly I missed mine! Coming soon..

Puerto Vallarta vacations will have you tanned, and ready for finishing your Guadalajara trip in style!

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