Romantic Guadalajara, Mexico

A City Full of Romance!

Welcome to Guadalajara, Mexico.. the most romantic city in the world. No.. you're not in Paris,, :) but Guadalajara! Romance is everywhere in this old colonial city. 

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Get ready for a romantic carriage ride, moonlit walks with your sweetie and couples in love walking hand in hand. 

If you're in the mood for a romantic evening in Guadalajara, Mexico then take some of these tips to find one of the top romantic spots in the city.

Do you have a favorite spot?

Where do you and your sweetheart go to experience a romantic time in the city and to fall in love all over again? 

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My top recommendation is the downtown district right around Plaza Liberacion. The plaza is located between the Guadalajara Cathedral and Degollado Theatre and will be really easy to find so just look for these landmarks. 

And if you really want to enjoy the city in a whole different way follow the sounds of the "clip, clopping" of horses hooves! 

So what is it? 

Something ever so romantic and sure to please you and your partner is a romantic horse drawn carriage ride (also known as a calandria). 

You can tour downtown the old fashioned way and really get to know this historic section of Guadalajara, Mexico. 

I have to admit that there's something so relaxing about a carriage ride with the soft pink sky all around you. You'll get to see downtown in a whole new way and really appreciate how lovely it is at night-time. 

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And after your romantic carriage ride, take a moonlit stroll through Plaza Liberacion.

You'll notice the beautiful Metropolitan Cathedral of Gdl and the Degollado Theatre because they are so well lit at night to show off the amazing architecture of the buildings. 

So you'll really be able to appreciate them. And to me, they always seem to look more beautiful at night time. 

At Plaza Liberacion there's also a very large lit fountain. This spot is really romantic and it would make a great proposal site. 

The real beauty about this spot is that on either side of you there is the back of the beautiful cathedral and the theatre. It's incredibly romantic standing there under the moonlight with the one you love! 

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