The Guadalajara Cathedral

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Guadalajara Cathedral
The Guadalajara Cathedral or Metropolitan Cathedral of Guadalajara, as it is also known by is a beautiful structure that you really can't miss.

It dominates the skyline of downtown in Centro Histórico.

The construction began in the 1560's and took over 50 years to complete. No short task by any means.

Catedral de Guadalajara

Here it is getting a bit of a facelift in March 2006.

The current towers (in yellow and blue) shown are not the originals. The first towers were destroyed in 1818 after a strong earthquake brought them crashing down.

New towers had to be made and were constructed by Architect Manuel Gomez Ibarra in 1854. He is the same man that built the beautiful cemetery El Pantéon de Belén. Find out more about it.

Guadalajara Cathedral at night

Photo courtesy of Hotel Francés

Once there you must take a look at the mural The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo.

This gorgeous structure also houses the largest organ in Mexico. This one is a must see.

Catedral of Guadalajara

Located in Centro Historico
Av 16 de Septiembre, Hidalgo y Morelos

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If you like the Cathedral then you will love the exquisite murals by Jose Clemente Orozco in the Cabañas Cultural Institute.

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