Ajijic Real Estate

Lakeside Living in A Real Mexican Village

Ajijic real estate may be just right for you if you love the idea of living near a big and beautiful city like Guadalajara.. but you don't really want to live in the city.

The whole area of Ajijic and nearby Chapala are really growing due to a number of sun loving, Canadian and American retirees and ex-pats.

If you are looking for a permanent place to retire, invest, rent or even a little vacation away from home then Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico real estate can still be purchased for bargain prices.

A quiet street down Ajijic

For many residents of Guadalajara, the area of Ajijic and Chapala has always been a relaxing, weekend getaway from busy city life.

In fact.. many residents of Guadalajara have family houses to visit for those especially well needed weekend breaks.

Did I mention that Ajijic real estate is also close to some very gorgeous surroundings that many people find irresistible (Besides Guadalajara)?

Read on for more..

Ajijic ,(pronounced Ah hee heek) is a growing village about 1 hour outside of Guadalajara.

It is home to many retirees and citizens from Canada and the U.S., all of whom have found life in Mexico ohh soo very relaxing. If you decide to move, owning a little piece of Ajijic real estate can offer an idyllic home and a true Mexican experience.

This quaint, cobblestoned village offers a variety of choices for you to choose from to suit your budget.

Ajijic, Mexico Real Estate Options:

  • Ajijic apartment rentals

  • Home rentals

  • Luxury Villas and Estates

And lots of them with spectacular mountain and lake views

Yes.. that's right, the village is surrounded by a lake and the beautiful mountains of Mexico. (There's more so read on..)

As you can imagine.. there are many new lakeside developments springing up due to the high demand from ex-pats, so you're bound to find your perfect "dream home," with just a little patience and a great agent you trust.

If you're really interested in purchasing an Ajijic home you should know a bit about purchasing property in Mexico if you're a foreigner.

Your real estate agent that you've carefully chosen should be able to help guide you smoothly through the entire process, so don't worry.

You'll find more information on how foreigners can buy property on our main Guadalajara real estate page.

One thing that I absolutely loved about Ajijic that really made me want to live there (or at the very least have a lake house. Hey.. a girl can dream can't she? ; -) is the sleepy village feel of the whole area.

The quiet and ever so pleasant surroundings just make you want to park yourself in a hammock by the lake with a glass of iced tea or your choice of beverage!

So Where Is It Located?

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Ajijic is located just west of another popular town called Chapala. It's nestled right between the Sierra Madre mountains and Mexico's largest fresh water lake (Lake Chapala).

The entire area by Lake Chapala Is famous for its with year round, wonderfully dry and warm weather. If you're in the market for a vacation home, a luxury Ajijic villa or something with spectacular lakeside and mountain views or even a simple little flat then Ajijic, Mexico awaits you.

Get ready to snooze by the lake.. lazy afternoon boat rides in a guided Lake Chapala rental or spend your free time discovering all the local shops and the friendly community of Ajijic.