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las niñas maldecidas

Era un día por la noche pasamos por un panteón desconocido. Vi las sombras de 2 niñas diciendo adiós y en un descuido voltie a otro lado. Volvía mirar

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Dia de los Abuelos

El 28 de agosto es el día que me gusta porque se celebra a los abuelitos y voy con mis hijos a casa de mi padre a que le den su abrazo y a mi suegra

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Private Furnished 1 bedroom apartment required

Hi, I would be shifting to Guadalajara with my wife, during end of November or start of December 2012. We would like to rent a furnished 1 bedroom apartment

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Rental wanted in Central Zone

I am looking for a one bedroom apartment in the Central Zone of Guadalajara, maybe near Teatro Degallado. Long term

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Great "Sangwitches" Restaurant by Expo Guadalajara

placed in the Expo GDL area, near plaza del sol, you can find the best Italian Beef sangwitch, how they call it. Thin slices of meat served into a crusty

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Lula Bistro - An Authentic Gem in the Minerva Area

We went to Guadalajara last week for business and had two restaurants that we wanted to try, but our partners insisted to take us to this restaurant they

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Aparment wanted $5000-$6000pesos pet friendly

Hello I'm looking for a pet friendly apartment. (I have a cat and a dog) One to two bedrooms, $5000-$6000 pesos, within Chapalita area with a 4-6months

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Romantic Gdl

A few years ago, I was back in Guadalajara, my hometown. I was dating an absolutely lovely girlfriend in USA, but I had planned to go back to Guadalajara.

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Wanted House for Family in Guadalajara

I am looking for an apartment for my family near the place (Sin Nombre, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico (Tata Consultancy Services - Building 3)) , Max 30

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Fully Furnished Apartments and Houses in Guadalajara

Apartments 1, 2 bedrooms, best location, all included. Starting from $599.00 US Chapultepec zone, Colonia Americana. contact: sersol AT

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2 bath , 2 bedroom , with a view

Thinking of relocating from Phoenix to Guadalajara, Male /single , 58 years old, price range 750- 1,000 dollars, email is willowmby at gmail dot co

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La Virgen de Zapopan

Para leer mas milagros que la Virgen de Zapopan ha intercedido o compartir tu historia o oracion haz clic.

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Panteon de Belen de Guadalajara

El Panteon de Belen de Guadalajara - Mucha gente cree que existen espiritus y fantasmas en el Panteon. Leer historias, leyendas y ver fotos del cementerio Belen.

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Panteon de Belen Fotos

¿Estas buscando fotografías del famoso Panteón de Belén? Aqui encontrarás esas famosas Panteon de Belen fotos del misterioso Cementerio de Belen.

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La Chica del Panteon

el pasado domingo mi hermano y yo fuimos al panteon de detras de mi casa porque nos habian contado una historia supuestamente real y si era real porque

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My first trip to Guadalajara

Hello everyone, well just wanted to share my story of my first trip to Guadalajara. When I found out that I was going to go there I was super excited because

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zona central furnished apartment NEEDED

I am 1 person, i am looking for a 1BR furnished apt preferably by the corner of Calzada Independencia y Ave. Ninos Heroes or north of there maybe closer

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Fully Furnished rental in Zapopan wanted.

I am looking for a one or two bedroom apartment/condo to rent beginning in March 2012. I would prefer all utilities included in the price as well as the

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Furnished Apartment in Guadalajara

2bed/2bath/1 Studio Financial District Providencia COLOMOS Ave. Américas This bright and spacious two bedroom apartment is located on the second floor

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Best Mexican Buffet Breakfast in Guadalajara

The hotel restaurant at Hotel Country Plaza in Guadalajara offers THE best, most authentic assortment of Mexican breakfast sepecialites to be found.

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Tumba de Los Novios

Saben hace algunos años visite por primera ves el Panteon de Belen aqui en Guadalajara una amiga me conto sobre los fantasmas. Y en especial puse mas

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Guadalajara Food Recommendations

I love El Gato in downtown Guadalajara. It's the first restaurant I stumbled upon, the first time I was in GDL. Really great food, specializing in grilled

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2 Bedroom Guadalajara Condo High Rise Wanted

I am looking for a short term rental in the central part of the City as a way to discover if we like living there. If it suits our needs, then we will

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City of Never Ending Love

My last trip to Guadalajara Jalisco, was the most unforgettable experience i've ever had. Both my parents and their families are from Guadalajara so we

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Mexico Travel Tips And FAQ

Prepare for your Mexico vacations abroad by learning some Mexico travel tips and find answers to you Frequently Asked Questions about traveling to Mexico!

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El Panteon de Belen

The Panteon de Belen is an old cemetery in Guadalajara that has been converted into a museum and full of great legends, folklore and even a few spirits! Take the guided tour at nighttime.

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Delicious food in a beautiful place!!

Hi!!! Walking around in Guadalajara´s downtown, my wife and I found a small and discrete door of a beautiful place. The restaurant is located on one of

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Se Renta Casa Con Jardin grande.

Se Renta Casa super equipada, cocina integral completa, ventidaldores de techo en cocina, sala, comedor y recamaras. Boiler automatico y tanque estacionario

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Se renta casa en coto privado

se renta casa 2 habitaciones sala comedor y cochera, 2 baños completos, cocina integral, en fraccionamiento rinconada del parque Tonala. tel 0443338081044

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''mi papa dormido hablo con un muerto sobre fortuna''

Estabamos en la casa de mi abuelita ya estabamos todos dormidos menos mi abuelita asi que eran las 3:00 am de la mañana asi que se empezo a oir mi abuelita

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